Happy Birthday, Facebook: A Thank You

Happy Birthday, Facebook: A Thank You

There is much navel-gazing going around about Facebook today, because today was its 10th birthday. Where will it go? What will it become? What has it done to our society?

While I don’t have the answers to any of those questions, I do have one very, very strong memory of Facebook from a very sad time a very long time ago… a memory and a use case I felt compelled to share, because that’s what you do on an important birthday, you share important feelings and memories to mark the occasion. While my feelings about Facebook are many and complex, its servers are the only place on this earth that friends, classmates and professors still exist and I will never, ever, ever forget what they did for us without even knowing it on what was absolutely the worst day and the absolute saddest week of our lives.

tl;dr Dear Facebook, Thank you for turning Maroon and Orange–I’ll never forget it. Love, a Hokie

Caption this: “Shit that my [x] said” Edition

I can’t share the series of exchanges that lead to this face and the week of stress behind it– this is mid-Skype call, mind you– but you sure as hell can caption the hell out of it. Bonus points if you can related it to the consequences of engaging me before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Pissed #1

Here’s to hoping that I do not have a similar “Are you fucking kidding me?” day this week. There are not enough levels Angry Birds in Google Chrome (or anywhere else, for that matter) for this to be a regular thing.