Contact me, maybe?

Want to drop a line my way or get in touch?

  • I’m an avid user of Signal (fingerprint), and occasionally use Peerio. If you want to use either with me (or another encrypted means not listed here), drop a quick line so we can verify fingerprints.
  • The fastest way to get in touch with me is through Twitter. I check my tweets and DMs way more than my email.
  • If I haven’t met you or at least regularly interacted with you online, I will not accept your LinkedIn request unless you tell me *why* you want to connect. This is not optional.

Twitter: @jessysaurusrex
Email: jessy dot irwin at gmail dot com
LinkedIn: Jessy Irwin
Peerio: Jessysaurusrex

Public PGP key and fingerprint available upon request. (They aren’t here because I haven’t yet set up an SSL cert for my own site yet, and blah blah blah MItM. That should change sometime soonish.)


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