Jessy Irwin is Head of Security at Tendermint, where she excels at translating complex cybersecurity problems into relatable terms, and is responsible for developing, maintaining and delivering comprehensive security strategy that supports and enables the needs of her organization and its people. Prior to her role at Tendermint, she worked to solve security obstacles for non-expert users as a strategic advisor, security executive, consultant and former Security Empress at 1Password. She regularly writes and presents about human-centric security, and believes that people should not have to become experts in technology, security or privacy to be safe online.

Her current interests include security maturity and culture, usable security and secure UI/UX, and building impactful security teams and programs in emerging blockchain technologies. One day, she hopes to have the time to write extensively about security here on her blog.

Upcoming talks:

  • Purdue University: Communications + Code: Building Cybersecurity Strategies for Humans and Machines
  • Center for Technology, Society and Policy, University of California at Berkeley:  Digital Security Crash Course




Extensive Opinion Sharing on Podcasts + Radio + Video:






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