Jessy Irwin is Head of Security at Tendermint, where she excels at translating complex cybersecurity problems into relatable terms, and is responsible for developing, maintaining and delivering comprehensive security strategy that supports and enables the needs of her organization and its people. Prior to her role at Tendermint, she worked to solve security obstacles for non-expert users as a strategic advisor, security executive and former Security Empress at 1Password. She regularly writes and presents about human-centric security, and believes that people should not have to become experts in technology, security or privacy to be safe online.

If you’re using a password manager and you’ve set up two-raptor authentication for yourself, she will think you’re pretty cool. If you’ve done all of that AND you’ve helped your friends, loved ones, and family members do it too, she’ll probably shout about how cool that is from the rooftops.


Upcoming talks: 

RSA Conference 2018, Cracking the Security Communications Code: Talk about Security without FUD
OURSA 2018, Building Your Own Old Lady Gang



Podcasts + Radio + Video:


Places I’ve written or been quoted:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.05.17 AM Salted Hash: Phishing study reveals frightening password habits


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.44.28 PMHow to Protect Your Nude Selfies From Vengeful Ex-Boyfriends and Trolls


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.56.25 PM  How to make security more approachable? Jessysaurusrex roars (Q&A)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.34.26 AM  Yet Another Reminder that the Internet of Thing is a Nightmare

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.39.36 PMThe VTech data breach shows kids are just as vulnerable to hacking


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.09.07 AM   Kids’ data is valuable, too: Children at risk of identity theft following VTech hack

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.36.19 PM   What You Can Learn from the Ashley Madison Hack (Even If You Don’t Want to Cheat On Your Spouse)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.30.28 PM   Drawing Lessons from July’s Jeep Hack

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.05.17 AM  Schools keep track of students’ online behavior, but do parents even know? 


How to Teach Computer Security Skills


Grooming Students for A Lifetime of Surveillance


 edsurgeDon’t Get Shellshocked: The Latest Security Loophole that Could Put Student Data at Risk

edsurge Why Net Neutrality Matters for Education


edsurgeStopping the #Heartbleed: What Edtech Entrepreneurs Must Let Users Know

logo-mindshiftHow Educators Can Protect Students’ Data from Security Breaches


Projects + Cool Stuff I’ve done:

2015 Winter Break of Code with Open Whisper Systems, Kauai
Kickstarter: Plaid Avenger
Kickstarter: Outthink, Inc
Helped integrate social media + technology into a class of 3000 at Virginia Tech with the Plaid Avenger; contributed to various movie premieres, projects, and viral social media campains like landing a Skype-interview with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.




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