This iOS 10 trick will save you a few home button taps (and your sanity)



Are you using an iPhone with Touch ID that isn’t an iPhone 7? Do you regret updating to iOS 10 because you now have to tap home button to unlock  your device, even when you use Touch ID?

Take a deep breath and exhale… because there is a way out of the Apple-induced rage that we’re both sharing. Things don’t have to be this way anymore, especially if you make your way to a very hidden toggle and tap it on. Once you’ve unlocked your device and located your Settings, here’s the magical combination of steps to help you get to the screen above:

Settings > General > Accessibility> Home Button (Scroll down to Interaction section, and it will be near the bottom of second section) > Swipe Toggle to “Rest Finger to Open”

After you’ve done this, you will be well on your way to restoring your previous (and glorious) relationship with TouchID… the one where you didn’t have to hit its buttons to get it to open up your device for you.

… and while you’re messing around in your settings, if you haven’t changed your passcode in awhile, now would be a good time to do so. While the current minimum length for an iOS passcode is 6 characters, and most people typically choose to use numbers, it is possible to  create an alphanumeric passcode/passphrase that is stronger than using a string of numbers. If you’re using a password manager that can generate a wordlist or Diceware password for you and it fits your threat model, it might even be worth picking a 3-4 word long passcode to use in addition to TouchID.


Many, many thanks to my wonderful friend Chris for sharing this iOS 10 protip with me… and many, many sideeye daggers to the team responsible for shipping one of the most infuriating phone unlock changes of the past decade.