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A few years ago, I heard an idea that seemed so crazy that it just might work: because so passwords had become so easy to crack and subvert, it was safer for me to not know my passwords than to be able to actually remember them. This idea was put forth by the makers of a thing called a password manager, and I was so intrigued by it that I had to try one. After a long and epic romance of four years with the keeper of all of my most important internet secrets (my passwords!), I’m stupendously excited to share that I am finally making it official with my boo who started it all…  at the end of August, I’ll be joining AgileBits as chief hype girl security evangelist for 1Password, my most favorite software in the world.

1Password dinosaur hearts
That time my boo went big on PDA with hearts, dinosaurs, and love.

If I’ve learned anything during my career in the tech industry, it’s this: there’s nothing as amazing as getting to work for a technology that you love, you believe in, and you use everyday. More than anything, I’m looking forward to the big career and life changes ahead: I’ll be working with a team of 80 amazing people distributed all across the planet, all of whom are doing work I greatly respect and admire. 

The best part? My real, actual new job is to continue my work to empower and educate anyone who will listen on how to make smarter security choices for themselves and for their users. Because if we’re going to keep this internet thing as a place where we can hang out, blow off steam, have fun, learn, connect with the people we are closest to, and conduct important business too, we ALL have to do our part to make it a safer place to do whatever we want. And the first, most important place we can all make a difference is getting smarter (and letting technology do the heavy lifting) when it comes to how we handle our passwords.

Catching up with my boo's makers.
Catching up with a few of my boo’s makers in SF.

If you happen to be a developer who wants to contribute to building a safer web with an incredible team doing exciting work in web + mobile development, cryptography, security and privacy engineering — talk to us, we’re hiring!


(P.s. If you happen to have any suggestions for a creative job title for yours truly– our head of security is Defender Against the Dark Arts– please share!)


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