I’m ranting again– Apps and Web Sites That Go With a Breakup – NYTimes.com

It’s been a few hours since something last gave me a ragestroke on the internet, so I thought I’d come back and have a little rant. I stumbled across this article from the New York times on apps for breakups, and couldn’t quite believe what I was reading as it all unfolded.

On the “problem” that the founders were trying to solve when they created their app, Killswitch:

“The two women, both of Manhattan, came up with the idea after seeing a friend go through breakup after breakup online. ‘The poor girl, her Facebook profile was a minefield of elements of her defunct relationship’ Ms. de Soto said. ‘We couldn’t believe there wasn’t a mechanism on Facebook or social media that answered that.”


I have only one thing to say , and it’s this: OH HELL NO.

Ladies, I’m calling call bullshit on the “Oh, poor girl,” treatment of your friend, who you just couldn’t believe didn’t have some sort of app to cover up her inability to censor herself when it came to sharing her relationship all up on the Facebook. While it was sweet of you to build an app to make up for her to be able to erase the proof that she couldn’t stop herself from oversharing the boyfriend of the week/month/year all over the social medias– bless your hearts!– maybe you and your friends should have invested that time in something a little more constructive, perhaps by exploring ways in which you won’t be tempted to repeat the same behavior and expect different results in the future. What is it about social media that makes you unable to exercise the sort of restraint that prevents you from ever having to deal with the post-breakup minefield, anyway?

It’s not technology’s fault that you can’t readily remove content on a whim– it’s yours for putting it there in the first place.

Apps and Web Sites That Go With a Breakup – NYTimes.com.

via Apps and Web Sites That Go With a Breakup – NYTimes.com.


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