This reminds me of one of the most important conversations I’ve ever had with my best friend. I told her, in the middle of a long discussion about the future of our friendship that, “I will believe in you and I will always want the very best things for you, and even when you do not have the energy to believe that you are worthy and capable of them, I will believe it for you.” We many not always say these things to one another but knowing that they are there makes even the worst of days easier to survive.

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It’s been a big week (sorry for being late on the post, by the way), which included a somewhat disappointing Super Bowl, starting a new job (which I’m enjoying a lot), and Bad Video Game Movie Night. Pro tip: syncing up Prince of Persia with songs from Aladdin is hi-larious.

Another big part of my week that got me thinking was Friday night when I went over to my friend Paul’s place to help him install his new motherboard and processor. This was the second time I built a computer with Paul. The first time was when he helped me build my computer.

It takes a true friend to be a good computer-building partner. When I built my computer back in October, it was the first PC I had ever put together from scratch, and Paul was really great about it. He explained it all to me, showed me how…

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