I’m a ridiculous now.

I’ve been saving this picture– you  know me, I love ridiculous– for the right moment.

It’s here.

I’ve said all over the internet that I love my job. I’m incredibly lucky to work with the people that I do and to have the opportunities and freedom that I have to do almost anything I want for my company as long as I can justify it. I couldn’t be in a better place– I am constantly learning and my coworkers constantly inspire and challenge me or nudge me and give me room to grow and figure things out. I’m incredibly lucky to be in a position where I basically get paid to be myself, and I am can get excited about “silly things” like being retweeted (as us) by my favorite blogger, by getting a mention from another favorite blogger, and by other “little” things like Twitter and Facebook brand pages being launched in the near future. My family, bless their hearts, doesn’t quite get what my job is, but they get that I’m happy, incredibly happy and I’m not going to be coming home anytime soon.

I’ve been doing some work on my company’s Google + page– kill me, I waited for Google to launch multi-admin support until going for it– and while completing our profile, this exchange first happened in my  head, then my iChat, furrowed brow and all.

[Enters first URL]
Hey, I run that!

[Enters second URL]
“Hey, I built that!”

[Enters third URL]
“Hey, I built that, too!”

[Enters fourth URL]
“Whoa, I made that three!”

“Wait, what? I’ve been busy! When did I do these things?”

… and then…

See that look up there? That’s me looking ridiculous er, imperious. Look at me, yo, I’m an ridiculous empress. On the internets, even!