#52weeks: Meet our writers, new and old.

It’s been a big week for that little project I kicked off with some Twitter friends.

No, we’re not internet famous– yet?– but our ranks have doubled since we declared our intentions to write /ALL/ the things once a week for the next year. I’m jumping up and down in my seat with excitement essite as I type this, because I’m very much thrilled to introduce you to the three newest members of our #52weeks community, Emily, McKenzie, and Kristian.

Yesterday, Emily contributed with her first post, and I connected with it almost instantly. Her words embrace the concept of the growth mindset, the idea that our abilities are not tied to natural talent but on hard work.

” This coming year is about breaking that mold and taking some risks. I’m ready to focus on the things I want to accomplish that I’m not sure about. The things that don’t come naturally, that might frustrate me, things that I may initially believe I’m not good at. Because real rewards come with real risks.”

This morning, I was completely bowled over when Kristian (KayTeaWhy) threw her introductory post into the ring. I’ve never met her before, but I connected immediately with her feelings about confidence and connecting with others.

I know that I have a voice, and thoughts and opinions, and a life, just like the rest of you.  I’ve just never been so confident to share all of that.  I’ve always longed for a connection with people, but it’s always been a game I’ve lost. And I really don’t like losing.

I’ll be updating this post to include Kristin’s first post when it appears.  In the mean time, here’s a link to Dan’s first and second posts, and to Phil’s first post in which he describes a new life journey. Want to join our adventure? Tweet any of us. We’d be honored to have you.


It may take a year, but I’m determined to get my writing back. #52weeks

A few weeks ago, I approached my Twitter friends Dan and Phil with an idea. It was incredibly simple– dudes, let’s challenge each other to write a post at least once a week for 52 weeks– but I was nervous that they wouldn’t be receptive to it. I knew that without them, and the system of commenting, cross linking, and participation that I had imagined, I would fail. I’ve tried on my own to write more, and for a million reasons it has always failed.

Long before this year even started, I knew that it had to be different. Because I lost my love for and my confidence in my ability to write– and I want it back. Because I’ve consumed so much from the web, but I haven’t fully experienced its read-write spirit. Because I’ve learned so much from the communities of which I’ve been a part, but I don’t feel that I’ve truly given back to them in a meaningful enough way. Continue reading “It may take a year, but I’m determined to get my writing back. #52weeks”